What's it like to work in LanguageWire?

Communication at LanguageWire is open, informal and friendly. The fact that we respect each other personally and professionally promotes collaboration and a positive social environment. 

We want people to have fun at work and our staff satisfaction surveys clearly show that we enjoy working together. 

We focus on creating a winning culture. We regularly celebrate our many successes, and giving and receiving praise and recognition is a natural part of our corporate culture. 

At LanguageWire, the process from idea to implementation is a short one. We have therefore created a culture where staff have an important say in LanguageWire’s continued growth and development. 

Our open work environment is further supported by the fact that up to eight members of staff share the same office. This means that we can always go to one another for help, share knowledge and benefit from one another’s experience. Similarly, problems can be quickly solved and colleagues can enjoy a cosy chat in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Our open plan office policy ensures that staff quickly get to know their colleagues. This can, however, lead to a good deal of talking and background noise so it is important that you can thrive in a dynamic and often hectic office environment. 

At LanguageWire, all senior management share offices with the rest of the staff, which once again serves to promote the open and informal work culture.