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"I love working with LanguageWire. Despite the system being automated, it is far from impersonal or cold, rather the opposite. The project managers are warm and accessible and you do not have the feeling that you are “writing” to a machine. They are helpful, really value and appreciate your work and listen to your suggestions.

The automated system is a great advantage since everything is controlled and crystal-clear throughout the translation management process (and it provides the translator with very useful information on the jobs s/he has done, for which clients, jobs that are still pending –with clear indications on the delivery date and time, etc.). I think that this, coupled with the attitude of LanguageWire’s project managers is what sets them apart from other LSPs.

Besides, at LanguageWire, they really care about their translators, love to meet them personally and hear their views and what they have to say. In January 2015, I visited them in their Copenhagen office and I was stunned when I realised that Vendor Management team wanted to hear my views on their system and my thoughts on anything that could be improved. I felt that my opinion counted as well and that made me feel important and part of the team. I left their office with a big smile on my face and with the feeling that the work I had been doing for them was worth it."

Ángel Cendón