"Matching the right translator and the right client for frequently recurring projects is beneficial for everyone involved. The translator's consistency, expertise and familiarity adds value for the client. As the number of projects for this client increases, the translator gets more effective and faster, giving him or her better hourly earnings than for end clients he or she is less familiar with or whose business the translator is less specialized in. When the translator prioritizes jobs for this client, the translation agency saves time by not having to ask multiple translators and having a happy client and a happy translator boosts their reputation on both ends.

I like the LanguageWire preferred supplier system because it seeks to utilize all the benefits mentioned above. LanguageWire gives me access to the types of jobs (e.g. financial) I want and I enjoy the consistency and flow of working for the same clients frequently.

Guaranteed automatic payments at the end of each month give LanguageWire very reliable payment practices, which I’m sure are appreciated by busy freelancers who may or may not always have time to do their invoicing promptly."


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