"If I could picture a favourite place to work, that would be LanguageWire. I have been working exclusively with LanguageWire since 2002. Therefore, I have witnessed the development and growth of this dynamic company. Since the very beginning I was impressed by its people and work methods, its quality targets and service to the customers. It is an extraordinarily well organized company that one can rely on. As a freelancer I feel considered, respected and heard. My skills are valued and well compensated. The people are near and approachable, always at hand and proactive to solve any problem or concern.

The customers LanguageWire manages are top of the line and the work is well organized with very clear, defined and efficient workflows and work tools, like the online translation platform - qualities that set LW apart from other LSPs. Working with LanguageWire means that I can concentrate on doing the best job possible since LanguageWire takes care of everything else, like invoicing. In short, LanguageWire is all about giving its suppliers and customers the best quality and service. From my point of view, this is the best place to work for me and it has fulfilled all my expectations as a translator."


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