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"LanguageWire is – and always has been – one of my favourite clients. The project management team are all fantastic people to work with, very professional and yet very friendly and approachable. The work they give me is varied and interesting to translate.

LanguageWire operates a “preferred translator” scheme whereby clients can choose up to three translators that they prefer to work with, and this is outstanding as it allows clients to work regularly with the same translation teams while also allowing translators to really immerse themselves in the texts – never a bad thing, as you learn about clients’ specific requirements and foibles and can thus produce better quality for them. A win-win situation.

Another positive about working for LanguageWire is that they truly value their translators. They pay very fair rates and they operate a scheme whereby the fees for all the jobs you do in a month are totted up in their own database and paid automatically to your bank account at the end of the month, so saving lots of time and hassle. No matter what happens, I can always rely on a LanguageWire payment turning up on the first of the month! But not only that – every now and again there’ll be a little card in the post, or a small gift, or simply an email from a project manager to say thanks for a job well done. Praise from clients is always passed on, too. It might not seem like much, but simply saying “well done” to a hardworking translator can make all the difference sometimes!"