LanguageWire's history

LanguageWire is one of the top 40 translation companies worldwide, servicing more than 2,000 clients from offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, London, Hamburg, Munich and Kiev.

Facts about LanguageWire

  • Handled more than 200,000 jobs in 2015 with a total volume of more than 150 million words.
  • Network of more than 5,000 professional translators, copywriters and graphic designers.
  • Employs an average of 800 full-time translators every month.
  • More than 145 full-time employees.
  • Founded in 2000 by CEO Henrik Lottrup
  • 100 % privately owned company
  • AA credit rating with a positive bottom line for more than 15 consecutive years
  • The company has enjoyed steady growth since it was launched.

Milestones – 15 years of continual development

  • 2016: LanguageWire establishes office in Gdansk, Poland.
  • 2015: LanguageWire launches two innovative integration technologies: LanguageWire Sitecore Connector and LanguageWire EPiServer Connector.
  • 2014: LanguageWire establishes office in Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • 2013: LanguageWire passes DKK 150m in annual turnover.
  • 2013: LanguageWire handles more than 100,000 jobs from more than 2,000 clients.
  • 2013: LanguageWire launches a new, improved version of the customer platform Agito.
  • 2013: LanguageWire is among the top 40 largest translation companies in the world.
  • 2011: LanguageWire is among the top 50 largest translation companies in the world.
  • 2010: LanguageWire passes DKK 100m in annual turnover.
  • 2010: LanguageWire launches Live Translation.
  • 2010: LanguageWire establishes office in London.
  • 2010: LanguageWire establishes office in Munich, Germany.
  • 2007: LanguageWire establishes office in Oslo, Norway.
  • 2005: LanguageWire establishes office in Hamburg, Germany.
  • 2003: LanguageWire establishes office in Sweden via acquisition of Convey translations.
  • 2001: LanguageWire launches Agito, the client platform that proves central to the company’s future development.
  • 2001: LanguageWire is a part of Ernst&Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year.
  • 2001: LanguageWire wins the Reboot Award for Best IT Strategy.
  • 2001: First employee hired.
  • 2000: LanguageWire founded in Copenhagen.

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