Be a part of the LanguageWire culture

We are committed to providing our customers with a high-quality product delivered on time by our highly-skilled translators. 

Both our customers and translators know that LanguageWire works with a cutting-edge IT profile and employs talented, professional people – making us easy to do business with. 

For most of our customers we have established specific teams of preferred translators, where the same team of translators always deliver translations for that customer.

This approach enables our translators to become experts in the areas in which our customers operate and as a result improves translation quality through a consistent use of terminology and also creates transparency between our customers, our translators and ourselves. 

LanguageWire stores updated translation memories and termbases with translators having the opportunity either to access a translation memory online or to download one for each assignment.

Our customers know that we test the new translators and perform regular quality checks of our translations. Our translators know what we expect of them and they know that if they deliver a good job, our customers will come back and we all get more business.

Would you like to be a part of this setup and join the team?