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Product information leaflets, clinical trials, summaries of product characteristics and information, guides for medical devices, protocols.
That's right. We're confident in all of it. In more than 175 languages. Because that's what it takes to deliver flawless translations of everything from clinical trials to marketing of new drugs and medical device user manuals.

Zero errors!
That's always our goal

Errors in a text can potentially have disastrous consequences. for example, a side-effect that has been incorrectly translated, or an important reference that has accidentally been deleted. The same applies when a text has to be translated into a foreign language. That's why LanguageWire only use professional medical-specialist translators. For each new assignment, we select a medical profile who has expertise in translating texts in your relevant area, and is therefore is familiar with the guidelines and regulatory requirements. It gives you peace of mind as well as ensuring a consistent high quality.

Fast. Easy. Good.

That's what you get
when you work with our
all-in-one platform

Always hit
the bull's-eye

The first time we work together, you'll automatically be allocated your own specific project manager. The project manager's role is not just to manage your jobs and pair you up with the right translator, but also to get to know you and your company so well that we hit the bull's-eye in terms of style, tone and terminology. Every single time.

Your area of expertise
your business
your words

Perhaps there are certain words we need to translate in a certain way. No problem. As we're carrying out jobs for you, we gradually build up a dictionary, what we call a LanguageWire TermBase. This is where we collect specific words and terms from your translations, helping you to ensure consistency and strengthen your communication. We also build up a translation memory, consisting of all the past and present assignments we've translated for you. This allows us to reuse previously translated texts. All in all, our goal is to ensure you a consistently high quality - and a faster delivery.

Now, now, now!

Do you have any material that needs translating, proofreading or editing now? 

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Fact: over 70% of your customers (very possibly) don't understand you

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Confidential of course

All material that goes through us is treated in the strictest confidence. We know that many of your documents contain sensitive information. Confidentiality is generally a matter of course in our work, and therefore something we've carefully worked in throughout all the steps of the process. For example, all our translations are managed in our web-based platform, LanguageWire Agito. This avoids a flurry of emails and confidential documents having to be sent during the process. The system is also VeriSign certified. As another security measure, everyone involved – employees and translators alike – is asked to accept the confidentiality agreement.

We're in control of all the processes.
So much so, thatyou'll be able to see the impact on your bottom line.

Most translation agencies know quite a bit about words. But we also know a whole load about processes and are experts in optimising them.  Meaning youll save time. Lots of it! In fact, so much that you'll be able to see the impact on the bottom line

That's why we can translate your texts in a qualified, quick and accurate way.

We make a difference

Method and Ecover
Amandine Courret
“Working in a regional role on the adaptation of our global toolkits to be fit-for-purpose and locally relevant, I have had several occasions to call upon LanguageWire for translation services. It has been a seamless end-to-end experience each time, be it on the customer service front, be it on the timeliness and quality of the deliverables. I would have no hesitation in going back to LanguageWire when future needs arise and, of course, no hesitation either in recommending their service.”

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