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How many texts do you need translated? One, five or ten? Are they for web or print as well? How often do you publish new content? LanguageWire Connectors and APIs allow you to send, receive and publish translations directly from your own CMS. Without the need to copy and paste, send emails, worry about file formats, keep track of multiple versions and everything else that eats up your time and increases the risk of errors.

LanguageWire Connector

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CMS integration
when it’s turbo time

LanguageWire Connectors and APIs create an automatic link between your CMS and our platform. This means that with just a single click you can send texts directly for translation from your own CMS. Your assigned project manager and your regular team of translators will start work on your texts immediately. When the translations are ready, we automatically send them back to your CMS, where they will be published on your website after you have approved them. In this way, you can operate exclusively in your own CMS from start to finish.

How much time you'll save with a LanguageWire Connector

  1. Number of web pages you need translated

  2. Number of target languages

  3. Average number of hours saved


Save time

With a LanguageWire Connector you'll eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your translation process. This automated and cost effective solution makes it possible for you to publish more content in more languages and markets.
A LanguageWire Connector turbo-charges your content creation engine so you can translate, localise and publish content faster on your digital platform.

Speed up

Get an overview

A LanguageWire Connector provides a professional and centralised method for managing your digital language versioning - maintaining complete transparency at all times.

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Internal approval
before being published?

Do you need all your translations to be internally approved before they’re published? No problem. We make sure to involve the relevant people in your company who are predefined to be part of your approval process before you receive the final texts. We call this solution "validation".

You never lose
your overview

Although we manage the entire process for you, it can also be nice to have an overview of which tasks are in progress, who is working on them and when they are finished. You automatically have access to this overview in your CMS. And if you need to delve into greater detail and look at details such as your translation team, term base, invoicing and finances, you can access your LanguageWire Agito account with a single click.