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A good 

A good brief

Spend a couple of minutes to write a brief before you send us your text. It's time well spent. For the more details we know about your text and target group, the better linguistic product we can deliver to you.

What can you brief us about?

Text, recipient and purpose

What's the text about? 

What's the purpose of the text?
What do you want to achieve? I.e. sell, inform or create an action?

On or in which media will the text be used? 
Website, brochure, manual, internal document or something completely different?

Who is your target group and in which markets will the communication be used?

Words, terms, style and tone

What should the style and tone be like?
Informal, conservative, easily comprehensible, focus on the technical etc.?

What about industry- and company-specific words and terms?
Are there certain words and terms we need to translate in a specific way?

How much freedom does the translator have in his/her translation?
a) The translator has lots of freedom in the new language version.
b) The translator has to remain 100 % true to the source material.
c) The translator must remain true to the source material, but has a certain amount of freedom to ensure the text optimally fits both the language and the market.
d) Something else?

Process and format

What's going to happen with the text once you've received it back from us?
You publish the text straight away.
b) You implement the text in the layout.
c) You conduct an internal proofreading or editing procedure.
d) Something else?

Are there any special elements we need to consider?
There might be a restriction on the length of text, images with locked text, which also needs to be translated, or maybe some screenshots, which we mustn't touch.

Which file format would you like? 
In which file format do you expect to have the texts returned?

Now, now, now!

Do you have any material that needs translating, proofreading or editing now? 

Then send it our way ... we're already waiting to help you.