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Advanced AI

Game-changing tech tailored to the needs of your enterprise. Developed by our in-house experts, LanguageWire’s world-class AI saves your enterprise time, cost, and effort with bespoke solutions and unceasing innovation.

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Tailor-made AI technology

Our entirely in-house team of data scientists and machine learning engineers builds a unique neural machine translation (NMT) engine for each client to deliver sophisticated auto-translations and ground-breaking efficiency.

Advanced AI internal team

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We train and retrain your NMT engine based on how your enterprise speaks, fine-tuning it to generate the specific tone, terminology and structure of your enterprise’s language. 

Selected terms and edits of machine translations made by your language experts are automatically fed back to your NMT engine to improve its understanding of your language and the overall machine translation quality.

The continuous improvement of the NMT engines bring your machine translations closer to human-grade and drastically reduces the amount of time and money spent on manual translation.

Human dedication to world-class AI

Our machine learning experts employ manual and automated methods to enhance the capabilities of your NMT. They keep your NMT on the cutting-edge and your translations top-quality through the newest advancements in machine learning technology.

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Our machine learning experts

We employ a team of data scientists and machine learning engineers dedicated to building, maintaining, and improving our AI.

Performance measurement

Our NMT Dashboard automatically measures performance against human edits in tandem with manual QA in order to pinpoint improvement areas and optimise performance.

Top-notch quality, proven results

BLUE and TER benchmarks comparing machine and human translations show that our customised NMT solution performs significantly better than leading third-party NMT providers.

Commitment to ethical AI

Our approach to AI technology is rooted in respect for your privacy. We construct AI solutions based on the highest standard of data privacy to ensure all information placed in your NMT engine remains in your hands.

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In-house NMT engines

We build and manage NMT engines entirely in-house, meaning no third-party services are used and no third-parties ever have access to information you place in your NMT.

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ISO 27001 certified

We are ISO 27001 certified, placing us at the top of the LSP industry with regard to information security.

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ISO 18587 certified

We are ISO 18587 certified, demonstrating that our processes for post-editing machine translation output comply with rigorous international quality standards.

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ISO 17100 certified

We are ISO 17100 certified, designating best-in-class core processes, management of core processes, and management of other resources involved in delivering high-quality translation services.

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What differentiates LanguageWire is speed and value. Not only are they very responsive to our fast-changing requirements, but they are able to guide us through new processes and help us to gain efficiencies continuously.

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