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Increase your brand’s global footprint

To "act local" you need to speak like the locals. Our network of over 5,000 professional translators located in every major market on the globe can open up new markets for your brand.

Blend in with the locals

There is no more sure-fire way of killing your brand image, than going live with an incorrect translation. We employ professional, native-speaker translators who live in the area where the target language is spoken. This gets you vibrant renditions of your content, with all the local flavour that will resonate with your audience.

Bring your brand to a broader audience

But English is a global language right? Think again. The rise of technology is actually feeding localization. Consumers expect, if not demand, to buy products and services in their own language. Consider the results of a recent report: if you market your products in France, you're missing out on 61% of the population by only communicating in English. In Germany, 58%. Localizing your content will unlock your profits.

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We make a difference

Danske Capital
Jesper Simonsen
“For a number of years, Language Wire has translated complicated financial material into other Nordic languages and has always managed to put together a skilled team of translators who continuously deliver a solid and consistent translation. LanguageWire is also our first choice of partner as a result of their superior technological edge.”
Royal Greenland
Ditte Lund
“Consistency and unambiguous messages across the markets are vital for us at Royal Greenland - which can pose problems when we operate in over 15 different countries. LanguageWire has helped us to solve that problem through consistent, and at the same time creative, high quality translations. Their timing and service are always first rate.”

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Professional translators

Educated professional translators located in your new market are the answer to the headache of every country marketing manager out there. They enable you to run your campaings, focus on your goals while you get the best translations for your content. Simple and effective.

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