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Our experts are your experts

We work side-by-side with your team in building, customising, and executing a successful language management experience for you and your customers.

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Learn how our industry experts work for your enterprise

We take your success personally

We treat your work as if it were our own. We prioritise building lasting relationships in order to develop an intricate understanding of the specific language, needs, and goals that are unique to how you work.

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Our approach to creating a meaningful, successful experience for you and your customers begins by creating a team of industry, language, and management experts to serve as a natural extension of your own. Close cooperation and a lasting understanding of how you work is about more than servicing one task or project, it’s about a partnership to help manage and achieve success with your content every step of the way.

Long-term quality, consistency, and success

Your personal team consists of professionals from within your industry as well as industry-specific language experts, all of whom understand the needs of your enterprise. Your team works to continuously improve efficiency and quality, while saving time and money.

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Optimise your LanguageWire experience

Every member of your LanguageWire team is paired with you based on their knowledge of your industry, technology, and needs. From project management to technical implementation, your success management team leverages an understanding of your enterprise to ensure your needs are met and goals achieved.

  1. The best experts for you

    Your project managers work to save you time and effort by selecting your language experts and optimising workflows among many other tasks to save you time and effort.

  2. A tailored NMT engine

    Machine learning experts collaborate with you to understand your enterprise’s language and build a bespoke neural machine translation (NMT) engine.

  3. Integrates with your Stack

    Your integration engineers work closely with you to create a tailored connector for your tech stack to make content management easy, and provide assistance whenever required.

Ensure world-class quality for your content

Assisted by our AI, you’re matched with the right language experts for the specific needs of your industry and enterprise. You can speak with and test vendors to ensure proper fit before they are added to your team and communicate with them directly during projects or when working together in Smart Editor.

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Our global network of more than 7,000 industry-specific language experts guarantees your projects are in the best hands, no matter what. Thorough background checks, quality tests, and performance tracking ensures your content is managed to the highest possible standard.

How can we help you?

Your journey to a straightforward way of making multilingual content starts here. Tell us about your content frustrations - we would love to build the perfect content solution for your brand.