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Embed LanguageWire directly into your digital platform.

Effortlessly manage your enterprise’s languages and produce multilingual communications from the comfort of your tech stack.

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Learn how LanguageWire Integration can help your enterprise

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Access LanguageWire services your way

Our LanguageWire Connectors and custom API integration adapt to the interface of your CMS, PIM, or DAM, so you can manage your multilingual communications from the familiar layout of your preferred tech stack.

Order services with ease using our “shopping basket” feature from within your preferred tech stack.

Enable the Smart Add feature to automatically find unedited or untranslated parts of your website in any language.

Receive machine translations of your website within minutes to test usability across all languages.

What if publishing content in all languages was as simple as in one?

Our Connectors are engineered to keep your workflows simple through deep integration with your value chain and make localisation an utterly seamless process. Enjoy the power of simplicity and the luxury of extra time with any LanguageWire Connector.

How much time would you save with a LanguageWire Connector?

  1. Number of web pages you need translated

  2. Number of target languages

  3. Average number of hours saved


LanguageWire Connectors

We’ve developed a number of connectors which integrate the benefits of quality translation within the digital experiences you already enjoy. Enjoy a seamless translation experience with any of the leading digital platforms below, or take advantage of our Custom API integration to benefit your preferred CMS, PIM, or DAM.

Custom API integration

Our API integration is straightforward thanks to our client libraries which simplify the process by streamlining translation in your .NET, Java or PHP based platform.

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