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Webinar: When to use Machine Translation (and when not to)

Webinar: When to use Machine Translation

Get the answers to crucial questions about Machine Translation (MT). What is MT, which MT services are available and how MT can help your business?

Machine Translation Webinar

Join us on 27 June 2018 at 11:00am CET

More content and tighter deadlines make consistently speaking your customers’ languages harder than ever. Thankfully, Machine Translation can step into the gap and help you translate more than ever before. But which types of Machine Translation services are available and how can you maximise their value?

Listen in to our new webinar and get the answers to these fundamental questions. Our in-house Machine Translation expert, Jesper Lehrmann, and Product Marketing Manager, Martha Chrisander, are ready to shed some light on this exciting new technology.

Jesper Lehrmann

Jesper has spent the past 15 years working in the digital sphere. He has experience with creating commercial broadband solutions, digital web-projects, and digital strategies for global brands.

Today Jesper is Product Director for connectivity at LanguageWire where he adds our integration solutions to customers' technology stacks for continuous growth and process optimisation.

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Martha Chrisander

Martha ChrisanderMartha is Product Marketing Manager at LanguageWire and responsible for making sure all LanguageWire’s features and services are easily understood.

She has over seven years experience of working in the tech space. Her background in marketing and journalism gives her the ability to take complex ideas and turn them into something users find simple to digest.