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LanguageWire Platform

Take control of your enterprise’s multilingual communications with an adaptable control panel that streamlines and automates management of your projects.

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Learn how to manage your multilingual communications more efficiently

Hassle-free management of multilingual communication services

Effortlessly order and manage a wide range of communication services in any language. No emails or calls – it takes only the click of a button to set your project in motion.

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Select from a full range of multilingual communication services, the languages you need, and your preferred file format.

Configure your project templates exactly as needed and store them for reuse to save time and effort.

Follow the step-by-step progress of each order via our detailed project tracker.

Customise workflows with ease

Reduce time spent on project management with streamlined and automated workflows. From start to finish, you can configure each step of your language project to ensure the entire process is as efficient as possible.

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Adapt workflows to your needs and ensure your projects proceed smoothly.

Automatic notifications about tasks eliminate tedious project management.

Work alongside your team of industry experts and/or validate texts in Smart Editor.

Collaborate with your personal team of industry experts

Easily select language experts and monitor their progress. Communicate directly with your personal team of experts to keep information fluent and projects on track.

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Select your personal team of language experts who understand your industry. You can even interview and test vendors before making selections.

Your LanguageWire team prioritises your projects and ensures timely delivery.

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Speak directly with your team through our built-in messenger. This single point of contact keeps information moving while securing all conversations for future reference.

Spend management workflow

Spend management made simple

Every order comes with an automatic price and invoice generation to eliminate back-and-forth communication and reduce wait time. Use the spend tracker for an instant overview of your expenses and year-to-year comparisons.

Automatic price generation helps get your projects started immediately.

Automatic invoice generation helps you keep projects on schedule.

Maintain a clear overview of your project expenses & YOY comparisons.

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Requirements for our Nordic translation partner include a company that can deliver high quality within tight time frames, at a competitive price and with a flexible, technical platform that allows us a good overview of the status of our projects and jobs. LanguageWire has provided us with all this, in addition to a solid understanding of our business and requirements.

David Ivarsson, Bosch

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