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 on translation

Communicate, publish and launch faster in all languages and markets

Perhaps you're (all too) familiar with this situation:

You're in a slightly, quite or extremely distressed state at the office - over the content you need to publish. Now! Because ”Now!” is your deadline.

But you're not quite ready: You're missing 80% of the translations and they do finally arrive in your inbox, you then have to start manually copying all the texts and language versions into the website.

Sigh! Yes, you know: You're behind.

You pull out all the stops, but it's too late. You won't make it anyway: Your deadline.

And that's why you're standing there now: In a distressed state at the office.

Save time

If you're (perhaps a little too) familiar with this situation, we'd like to reassure you straight away with a “You are not alone”.

Because if often ends up that way when we have to communicate, launch or publish content in multiple markets and languages: We're pushed for time and struggle to meet all those different deadlines.
But at LanguageWire we don't think it should be like that!

Nope - we think it should be easy, fast and secure instead.

So, of course, that's exactly how we've made it.

Tip: Reach your deadline. Without the panic!

Most translation agencies know quite a bit about words. But we also know a whole load about processes and are experts in optimizing them. Which saves you time. Lots of it! In fact, so much so that you'll be able to see the impact on the bottom line.

The good idea EPiServer Connector

Our best-in-class integration solutions for translation allow you to send, receive and publish translations directly from your own website CMS with just a few simple clicks. Without the need to copy text, send emails, hassle with file formats, keep track of multiple versions and everything else that eats up your time and increases the risk of errors.

Because it's often these extra tasks that prevent you from reaching your deadline. And it's them that suddenly throw you into a slightly, quite or extremely distressed state.

Here's how to avoid any potential delays... and the stress that comes with them


 It's really not very hard: We chuck out all the time-wasting factors and automate your process.

An integration solution for your website means we eliminate all the unnecessary time-wasting steps from your process.

This means you:
  • save innumerable hours (and money) on manual and time-consuming processes.
  • get more correct translations as you'll avoid those unfortunate copy-paste errors.
  • optimise time-to-market and can therefore communicate, publish and launch faster in all languages and markets.

Earlier this year we launched a unique integration solution to Sitecore: Our LanguageWire Sitecore Connector.

We're now pleased to inform you that we've also built a similar solution to EpiServer: Welcome to our LanguageWire EPiServer Connector.

Why not make life easier and business better?
Contact us to discuss how we can optimise your own process so you can communicate, publish and launch faster in all your languages and markets.