Because technology 
 should do the work

Using technology to make your life easier

Every day we strive to develop even smarter digital solutions which take your company further at a lower cost. We believe technology should work for us, not against us, and with a market leading platform combined with our APIs and integrated connector solutions, we turn your cumbersome translation processes into a one-click translation automation solution.

LanguageWire Platform

Your LanguageWire account, where you can order, download and administrate

Term Base - Uniform terminology in all languages

Term Base

Manage your company's terminology and ensure it is consistently used
Translate - Online translation memory


Innovative and easy-to-use translation and validation tools
TM LookUp - Make use of existing translations

Look UP

Search and reuse your previously translated texts
LanguageWire Sitecore Connector - translation integration to CMS


Integrate and order your translations directly in your CMS - with just one click
WeAllEdit - Edits Indesign online


Proofread and edit the text directly in InDesign files online - without any problems or extra hassle

Does your process need retooling?

Think of us as the translation process mechanics. We take your cumbersome, time-consuming workflows and remodel them into an efficient, automated translation process with seamless hand-offs and hassle-free version control. We’ll have your broken-down process humming like a well-oiled machine.

LanguageWire Integration Solutions

LanguageWire integration solutions are one-click translation solutions integrated directly into your CMS. 

It enables you to:
Save countless hours (and money) spent on a manual translation process
Get more accurate translations by avoiding copy-paste errors
Focus on the bigger picture. Instead of getting bogged down in translation administration, automate the process and free yourself up to focus on your strategic objectives such as content optimisation, user centric design, etc.

The graphic below shows how it is done in Sitecore.

Read more on the subject.

Sitecore Translation Connector Process

We make a difference

Akesson Curry
Sara Marczak
“We have used LanguageWire in most productions where, for example, they have helped with the translation of staff newsletters in several different languages. The cooperation with LanguageWire always flows smoothly. They are flexible, fast, accurate, professional and also incredibly friendly and solution-oriented. Their stable process of translation and validation in several steps ensures the quality and has made both us and our sub-contractors satisfied with the result.”
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Pia Upola
“LanguageWire receive both manual orders and automatic flow orders from us. Some of these assignments are to be completed within a standard timeframe while others require quick turnaround. Many different people within our organisations commission translations and the tone of the texts to be translated varies. Regardless of how we order translations, we receive a high quality product in return from LanguageWire with regard to translation, service and delivery performance.”

Translations still require humans

There’s something about the way we use language that machines can’t quite replicate. The translation process, however, is a different story. We use technology to create a hassle-free, fully transparent translation process.

A digital approach to translation

Imagine a world where your employees could actually do the job you hired them to do, without spending countless hours on manual translation management. All that cutting and pasting, tracking changes and emailing documents back and forth. It’s all so analogue. There is a better way.

Ready to work with translation in a new way?