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A LanguageWire Connector ensures you have a best-in-class “1-click” automated translation solution that allows you to avoid the laborious task of exporting and importing content and switching back and forth from various systems and platforms.

All language and translation management takes place exactly where you work with your content –  in your CMS. Meaning you can increase your efficiency and improve the results of your marketing initiatives across markets. 

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Contact us now to hear more about how we can optimise your workflows and improve your bottom line. You'll be able to communicate, publish and launch faster at less cost in all your languages and markets.

Save time

With a LanguageWire Connector you'll eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your translation process. This automated and cost effective solution makes it possible for you to publish more content in more languages and markets.
A LanguageWire Connector turbo-charges your content creation engine so you can translate, localise and publish content faster on your digital platform.

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A LanguageWire Connector provides a professional and centralised method for managing your digital language versioning - maintaining complete transparency at all times.

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Optimised workflow, but with human quality

Even though the process is automated, the quality is not compromised in any way

Your LanguageWire project manager and your preferred team of specialised translators will still take excellent care of your copy.

In short: Simple process. Without a multitude of files flying back and forth. Without any copy-paste errors. Without hassle and time-wasting, while maintaining high quality results.

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International companies are already working with our solution.

They've chosen a LanguageWire Connector as they need an innovative and secure solution to help them achieve success with their ambitious digital strategies.

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