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Access on the job to document settings in the Offline package

Access on the job to document settings in the Offline package

Last week, we told you that we have updated our Guidelines for CAT tools. We hope that you have read and approved the updated Guidelines for CAT tools uploaded to your Profile under your name/Guidelines.

We have defined standard file type settings for Trados Studio and memoQ, which are the two CAT tools that you can choose to work in, apart from our own CAT tool, AGITO Translate, of course. The use of these settings in mandatory on all LanguageWire jobs, unless the Project Manager has specified different settings in the job briefing.

These settings are now also included in the “offline package” that you download from the job page in AGITO. On the Job page you can now download this along with your source files for working in CAT tools.

Click the “Download Offline Package” button:

Download offline package button

This gives you access to our new, consistent document settings .zip folder:

Document settings

These document settings files are also available on the “Getting started” page.

What are file type settings?

These document settings files tell the CAT tool which text should be extracted from the source file for translation in the bilingual CAT tool format (e.g. sdlxliff). The speaker notes in PowerPoint presentations are a popular example: Should they be translated or not? The answer to that question will affect word counts and prices.

In Trados Studio, the file type settings are part of the project template (sdltpl file) that the project manager chooses when setting up a new project.
We hope that you’ll find it useful to be able to access the document settings when working on a job.

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