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How to update your profile in LanguageWire Agito

How to update your profile in LanguageWire Agito

Please update or double-check all the fields in your profile. Below you will find a detailed guideline on how to update your profile in the best possible manner.

Go to Profile/your name. There are four different tabs here and we ask you to check them carefully.

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Please check that we have your correct address and phone number(s), as well as Gender and Date of birth.

Payment information

Please update/add your VAT number and company name or your personal identification number (mandatory field). 

Supplier information

Please check that you have added your native language, CAT tools, Personal Comment, Supplier Experience and reference texts.

Native language

Please state if you have a language version, such as: “English-United States”, “Spanish-Mexico” or “German-Switzerland”. It is valuable information to us when we need to find a specific language version.

Your translation tools and versions matter

Did you enter your current SDL Trados version or another CAT tool, such as MemoQ? SDL Trados Studio 2015 has arrived and you can tick it off if you have invested in it.

Personal comment – your highway to job heaven

Also, please take the opportunity to write a personal comment where you introduce your skills as a translator/proofreader/copywriter/graphic designer. This short sales pitch is visible to both our project managers and to our clients. Please make sure that this short text is in English, and that it does not include any rates or contact information (only first name)

Some project managers may be reluctant to start working with new translators, even if their profile looks great, simply because they are new to them. Therefore, if you write a good personal comment, they get to know you in a way and feel more inclined to start working with a translator that is new to them.

Example of a good personal comment

“10 years of experience in the financial sector (banking, annual reports, hedge funds) before opening my own freelance translation business 5 years ago makes me a specialized translator for all kind of financial and business-related translations. I love to make text flow and to assure that it sounds as natural as possible. I often translate tenders for my various clients as well as press releases for home electronic devices on a weekly basis. When I am off work, I love to go fishing.”

Minimum price per word

Enter the start rate per source word in EUR. Please enter a realistic rate. 

Supplier Experience

Add previous education, employment and projects here. You don’t need to mention any confidential information or client names. This information gives us a great overview of your experience.

Reference Texts

Please upload your CV here. Certificates and letters of recommendations are also welcome here, please.

Your own CV gives a professional touch to your profile.

In your own CV, you most likely have more information than what you have noted on your AGITO profile. We may find some information in your CV that makes you the perfect candidate for a big project or account. It is also great for us to have it when we participate in tenders (and we always ask for your permission to present it to clients.) You can upload your CV under Reference Texts.


Work areas 

This section is so important. Check if your three primary work areas are still relevant. Add them, and other work areas in which you have experience, under each language pair. However, don’t add too many work areas, as it may have the opposite effect and it may seem like you add work areas regardless if you have experience in them or not.

Work areas - too few of them?

A project manager does not place a job with you unless you have that particular work area listed which matches the job. So please add all the work areas and related sub-areas in which you have experience. Enter the language pair, and then click on work areas and the black box with white stripes (upper left corner).

Work areas - too many of them?

If you add all the work areas available, it may give a non-serious impression, as it is difficult to be good at a huge amount of work areas. So, you should only add work areas that you actually have experience in. We recommend a maximum of 40 work areas.

This is how you do it

  • Click on the language pair, for example English-Dutch. Then click on work areas.
  • Then click on the black box with the three horizontal lines on the left-hand side below the work areas and “Add new work area”.  
  • Choose new work areas from the drop-down list. You can add multiple work areas in one go, just click on the “Ctrl” button.  

If you have several language pairs, you can copy one language pair to the other(s) in order to save you some time. 

Add Work Area

Language pairs - read this if you are native English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Chinese:

If you have a language version, for example English-US/ French-Canada/German-Switzerland/Spanish-Argentina/Portuguese-Brazil; please add this language combination as well, but only as a target language (it is not necessary or useful information for us as a source language). Don’t add “German-Germany, French-France” and similar. Please write to if you add any new language pairs so we can rate them properly.

Job Types

Please review them. You may miss job invitations if you lack i.e. “copywriting” or “proofreading after translation” as a job type on your profile.


Thanks in advance.

All the best,
Ylva and Stine