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Ever wondered who the Project Coordinators are in Hamburg?

Ever wondered who the Project Coordinators are in Hamburg?

i, lovely translators!

My name is David Gudmundsson, I am the Team Lead for Project Coordination (PC). We are the youngest division in LanguageWire. In 2014, we started with 2 people, now, 2 years later, we have 12 Project Coordinators who are responsible for the project handling of all of our standard assignments as well as serving our smaller clients. We work closely with the SPMs and the Customer Sales Representatives.

As you may remember Ylva and Stine telling you in February, LanguageWire has introduced the Senior Project Manager and Project Coordinator roles, allowing the SPMs to have a more customer-centric focus and PCs to be more focused on handling jobs and contact with our most important business partner: you! So the SPM and the PC work in a team on our large clients.

The PC team covers all our Regional offices out of Hamburg and consists of Alexandra Bredahl, Argyro Antoniou, Caroline Andersen, Sophie Liehr, Nisha Gamgee, Lise Hinke Guldberg (in Copenhagen), Lisa Waldherr, Ilinca Mustatea, Joana Krogsrud and Theresa Gottsche. Elena Schröder is Senior Project Coordinator of this team and I am the Team Lead. Together we speak almost 9 languages. We are 8 different nationalities with one goal: providing our customers and our translators with a great experience when working with LanguageWire.

Warm greetings from David

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