your colleague 
 in 13 ways

Happy Halloween!

WARNING: When this guide refers to elements like blood, spiders, mites, eyes, corpses, severed limbs and suchlike, we are of course only talking about the fake types. You know, the type you can buy in novelty and joke shops.

Get 13 (shockingly) good tips on how to scare your colleague or boss.

  1. During lunch: Put small mites on your colleague's lunch plate as soon as he/she looks away and talks to the person sitting on the other side.
  2. At the desk: Place a huge spider on your colleague's chair and hide it under the table.
  3. In the fridge: Mix some dark fruit colour in the milk and put it back in the fridge.
  4. Create a mass panic: Smear theatrical blood all over your hand, scream as loud as you can and run panic-stricken into the office.
  5. In the printer room: Place a severed arm in the printer ... or better still, in the shredder, so it sticks up, all covered in gore and blood ...
  6. In the cloakroom: Dress up in a scary costume, hide yourself in the cloakroom early in the morning and scare your colleagues when they arrive (be careful NOT to scare any good customers away).
  7. Give a (scary) gift: Take an empty chocolate box and fill it up with maggots or something else equally unappetising and disgusting. Wrap the box nicely with a pretty bow and and give it to one of your close colleagues.
  8. In the buffet: Place a severed, gross finger in the buffet.
  9. Like in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom": Serve tomato soup with eyes.
  10. In the toilet: Place a zombie's head down the toilet bowl and put both the seat and the lid ... so those in need of relief will be shocked with disbelief when they open the lid.
  11. In the car: Hide a mummy (or something else ghastly and ghoulish) in the boot of your colleague's or boss's car.
  12. In the meeting room: Hide a bloody, severed limb under the table in the meeting room.
  13. In your colleague's or boss's private office: Put some spooky music on, dress scarily, turn out the lights and hide behind the door or a cupboard. Jump out from the hiding place and frighten the living daylights out of your colleague or boss when they are least expecting it.