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Five trends in content marketing for b2C marketers

Today, 77% of B2C marketers work with content marketing as a strategy and nearly seven out of 10 B2C marketers create more content now than they did a year ago.

Content Marketing Trends B2C ROI

ROI (return on investment)

“Money, Money, Money” is the theme of a song by the Swedish pop group Abba and the same is true when it comes to content marketing. In the end, it’s all about money and it is highly likely you already have to deliver proven results from your content marketing effort to your company’s C-level.

This, however, seems to present  difficulties. Only 23% of B2C marketers are successful at tracking the ROI of their content marketing initiatives.

A key point on the agenda in most marketing departments is without doubt to prove the ROI of content marketing. A good content marketer understands the power of content to engage the audience and get them to act. A great content marketer can prove it works and why the investment is worthwhile.

The death of one-size-fits-all

Do you know your audience? Do you know their dreams? Do you know what the most important topics are on their everyday agenda? Do you know what would make their day? Do you know them at all?

If you don’t know – it’s time to find out.

Dive into your markets and target audiences, analyse their needs, and use this knowledge when you create and publish content.

One-size-fits-all is dead. Micro-targeting and personalisation is the new wave in content marketing and you have to be on top of it if you want to succeed.

Branded content

Nobody likes to be sold to. As consumers we even try to avoid pushy sales people or ignore ads, commercials, etc. – because we really don’t like the experience.

On the other hand, consumers like to be sure that they are doing the right thing when buying a product. Mis-selling costs not only money – but also time. Some people even find mis-selling embarrassing, and develop personal “anxiety” as a result.

This may be the reason behind the fact that 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from companies who offer relevant content.

So, whenever a potential buyer visits your website, he or she should encounter relevant and appealing content throughout their journey. The more you educate, clarify, and show your visitor, the more trust you gain, the more engagement you create, the more loyalty you build, and the more chance you have of making a sale.

Without a doubt, branded content supports your potential customers and visitors. So you should make an effort in making it valuable for your audience.

“Offline” and “gaming” are entering

In the marketing departments, focus is set on “real world engagement”. It may be a natural movement as a result of the heavy, and still growing, load of digital content. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you have to do more than just engage in plain digital communication and engagement. People want to feel it, experience it.

There are several ways of making your audience “feel” your brand. There are two strong trends in this regard:

Offline Marketing

Believe it or not, offline marketing is a returning trend. For over a decade, our main focus has been on online marketing. In future, it will continue to be online marketing that rules the world. However, offline initiatives are back – simply because they are a way for companies to create increased awareness and to be experienced as standing out from their competitors. This time, quality is, and must be, key – when doing offline marketing the goal is to stand out from the crowd, to engage, and to be remembered.

So make sure you do well – or else don’t do anything.


When it’s fun, perhaps with a touch of competition, we as people are more likely to stay, engage, remember, and to revisit. We get hooked.

Content Marketing B2C Gamification

That’s why gamification works. The Boston Retail Partners’ 2015 Survey found that, in this year alone, 31% of respondents used gamification in their loyalty programmes with 81% of retailers implementing this tactic. And it is expected to grow even more in the next five years. If gamification isn’t already a part of your strategy – ensure that it is. It can all come from loyalty programmes, competitions, or other game elements that you work with to motivate, engage and reward your audience – in a more entertaining way.

Make sure they become addicted.

EGC (employer generated content)

Content marketing and its stories are meaningless unless everyone’s telling and believing the same stories.

Therefore your sales personal, customer service team, shop assistants, and the entire company must know the story too. Actually, they do not even just need to know the story – they must be the story, live it out every day, and let people feel and experience it.

Encourage everyone within your organisation to adopt the stories, tone of voice, and goals of the external content, in order to strengthen the overall experience of your audience. Also, it strengthens the bond between your company and the organisation; it allows people to see how they are connected to the bigger picture and understand how they are a part of the story.

Think of it as a boy band. All members have to participate and deliver to the audience. Make your organisation the new One Direction.