New website

How to make a clever, new and responsive website in multiple languages

A few days ago we launched our new website.
And you're on it right now.
Maybe it's your first time? In which case: Welcome!

Enjoy the show

”Sharing is caring” as they say, and that's why, as always, we'd like to share both our concept and the ideas behind it. But how can you do it in an easy, clever and effective way? With a video of course. So, in a quick and entertaining way, you can enjoy the show and might even pick up some of the good ideas behind it.

We've remembered everything, ( we think)...

We're proud of the result. Not just because we've created a stylish new digital face in terms of images and colours, but just as importantly because we've remembered to put you and your needs first, when you're searching and collecting knowledge. At the same time, we've kept in mind how you'd like to find and receive this knowledge: Easily and in small, bite-sized chunks that will quickly tell you exactly what you'll get and achieve with us. So you can move on quickly with all your other tasks: We know only too well how important your time is.

We've also made sure that our website: 

  • can handle many different languages - far more than the original 5 we started out with.
  • is responsive, allowing you to access it from your PC, smartphone and tablet.
  • is flexible to your needs, as well as all the other different types of visitors we have.
  • is easy to expand and develop all the time, so we can continue working with it dynamically in the future. 
  • is SEO optimised, so it's easy to find and manage campaigns

... and much more besides.

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We are always available for an informal chat about your easiest options for working with SEO and different language versions on your website.

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