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10 good 
 to translate

10 good reasons to translate (e-book)

Fact: Over 70% of your customers (very possibly) don't understand you


And this means bad business.

Why, you might be asking.


  • 37% of readers spend more time on websites written in their own native language than on websites that are not.
  • a whole 19% completely boycott English-language websites.
  • over 50% prefer shopping on websites written in their own language and they will only buy something if the instructions are in their native language.

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You can look forward to:

  • 10 (but basically many more) factual reasons to translate - from a corporate perspective, naturally.
  • Understanding why it’s not always enough "just" to have your website in English.
  • Insight into why language quality is a competitive advantage.
  • A ”Test yourself” test.
  • Knowledge of the 10 languages that cover 85% of the world’s internet users.
  • Valuable guides and recommendations for good linguistic versioning.