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Improve your translation ROI

Brands with a multilingual target audience know the value of translation. Speaking like a local improves reach, understanding and engagement. But creating content in just two languages can be tricky. Many businesses find it increases time-to-market, is a source of cultural blunders, reduces quality perception and increases complexity. Fortunately, the need to communicate in more than one language isn’t new. There is a multitude of opportunities for simplifying the translation process and improving the quality of your multilingual content.

Is your translation budget realising its full potential?

Ambitious brands shouldn’t look at translation as a cost centre. It’s an investment which has the potential to open up the benefits of your products and services to new markets. But is your limited translation budget realising its full potential? Our new white paper looks at best practices for multilingual content production gained from LanguageWire’s extensive experience in the language industry. You will gain context by learning what it means to create valuable content, looks at significant trends in the language industry and delve into how to improve your translation ROI. Whatever your business, building a better translation process will help you reduce costs, save time and increase the quality of your multilingual content.

Download Translation ROI white paper
In short, the white paper will:
  • Discuss the importance of valuable content and how translation is an essential part of this
  • Present the latest trends that are driving the need for more translation
  • Provide concrete methods and tools for getting the most out of your translation budget

Faster time-to-market through integration

For example, one proven way to improve ROI is automation and integration. If you integrate translation with your digital platform, you will save on average 20 minutes per page of content translated. That adds up to a lot of time saved over the course of the year that can dramatically reduce the strain on your team.

188 pages of web content translated into four languages
= 33 working days saved.

Here are some more examples of tools and methods to increase your translation ROI that you’ll gain insights into by downloading the white paper:

  • Cloud-based translation management
  • Translation memories and terminology databases
  • Working with the right team in an online platform
  • Collaboration in InDesign
  • Choosing the right languages