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 99 website phrases 
 in 15 languages

99 of the most commonly used website phrases in 15 languages

Every year, we translate a vast amount of different texts intended for use on websites and webshops.

We often see a number of these words and phrases recurring. And we’d like to share these with you – absolutely free – to enable you to easily implement different language versions of your website.

LanguageWire and our more than 5,000 translators work with a wide cross section of different languages and cultures on a daily basis. We can also help your company to deliver a message that has been linguistically and culturally customised to hit your target group exactly where it should.

Do you want to see these phrases in a different source language?

Change the website language at the top of the page and the source language will change, too!

Fact: over 70% of your customers (very possibly) don't understand you

And this means bad business.
Why, you might be asking.

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