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Make full use of your previous translations

”What's our promotional slogan in French?” ”Have we got an 'About us' text in Chinese?” LanguageWire TM LookUp enables you to search for words and phrases from your previous translations. 

It's simple and easy: everything is done in an online tool that you access whenever you like - clever, isn't it?

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No more rummaging in old archives

Whenever LanguageWire does a translation job for you, it is kept in what is known as a translation memory. It is this that LanguageWire TM LookUp gives you easy and fast access to. When you search for a word or sentence, the tool informs you if there is a matching text from a previous translation. The search doesn't even have to be 100% identical with the previous text, as the tool also shows partial matches.

A dynamic database

As we take on more and more jobs for you, the database gradually becomes larger and larger. This means that you can find many of the words and phrases you need to use without actually having to send them to be translated. This doesn't just save you time and money, but also ensures a consistently high language quality in all your written material, including the PowerPoint presentation you've written yourself in English or another foreign language.

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Direct access 24/7

You have access to your LanguageWire TM LookUp via your LanguageWire Agito account.

We make a difference

Sussi Birkevang
“After a brief introduction to Agito Translate, we got underway and found it to be ingenious and timesaving. Agito Translate is online based and does not require any installation. We also saw our quality improve from day one.”

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