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"Play with words" takes on a whole new meaning when you're using a professional translation tool

LanguageWire Translate allows you to work with translation just like a professional. You're given access to a translation tool with professional aids, saving you the stress of worrying about weird formats like XML or other encoded file formats. 

When you're working with LanguageWire Translate, you only need to focus on the words.

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Accessibility, efficiency and security

LanguageWire Translate is an web-based translation tool that is perfect for in-house translations and internal reviews or approvals. You can use it 24/7 – all you need is internet access. As soon as you are logged in, you can work with your texts in a predefined and proven workflow, making your translation and approval process fast, systematic and secure.
  1. Upload

    You upload your document in LanguageWire Translate

  2. Translate

    Translate with the aid of previously used translations and company-specific words

  3. Save

    Save the translation to your company database in LanguageWire Translate

  4. Download

    Your text is finished and is now ready to use

Try LanguageWire Translate – completely free

You can try LanguageWire Translate free on agreement. Contact your local LanguageWire office and we'll set up an account for you straight away.


Are you also into recycling?

When you're working with texts in LanguageWire Translate, it is always coupled to a memory that allows you to previously translated texts. It contains all the translations you have performed in the tool, as well as the ones we have completed for you and your company.

How it's done ... 

When a new text is uploaded, our tool scans and recognises sentences that have already been partially or fully translated. Based on that, it will suggest a translation that you can either approve or complete. When the translation is finished, the memory is automatically updated without any extra work for you. 

All in all, ensuring you consistently high quality and a faster process.

Your area of expertise
your business
your words

LanguageWire Translate is also automatically supported by LanguageWire TermBase – a kind of dictionary that contains specific words and terms, which are relevant for your company and your industry. LanguageWire TermBase contributes to a consistent, high quality in your translations and helps to strengthen your cross-border communication.

... And the trickier filetypes too

LanguageWire Translate allows you to work with formats like TTX, TXT, XML, INDD, DOCX, XLF and TS without ever having to worry about formatting and codes interrupting your workflow.


When you're working in LanguageWire Translate, all the files are protected and gathered in one place. Your files and documents are kept on a protected and secure server, which can only be accessed by a personal login. This personal login gives access to all your company's projects, which means that your projects can be safely and securely exchanged internally without ever needing to move any files around.

Ready to work with translation in a new way?