Proofreading in InDesign
– without all the fuss

You can now kiss goodbye to yellow notes and unwanted hassle when you're proofreading in InDesign. With LanguageWire WeAllEdit, you can implement your own corrections directly in the InDesign file. Without having to get the graphic designer involved. And without having to fuss around with the layout.
  1. Upload

    Upload your InDesign document in LanguageWire WeAllEdit

  2. Invite

    Invite proofreaders, text editors and validators to review your document online

  3. Edit

    Your team reviews the text in context, without the risk of changing graphics or formatting

  4. Approve

    You receive an editing report, approve changes and download the updated file

We make a difference

Danske Bank
Klavs Hjort
“WeAllEdit saves Danske Bank 1,500 hours in its first year. The feedback after the first 17 months of working with WeAllEdit is positive. “We have now run more than 1,700 documents, totalling 11,586 pages, through WeAllEdit and have saved more than one hour per document, on average, so it fully lives up to our expectations. We have also conducted a qualitative follow-up, and there is great satisfaction with the system among project managers and graphic artists - and, most importantly, there are never any problems with the system.”
Åsa Hagberg
“We have been able to cut the production time for our sales materials significantly with the help of LanguageWire’s WeAllEdit tool. Furthermore, the proofreading process has improved and we have been able to organise our work more effectively, which has resulted in a better final product. LanguageWire are very service minded; they understand our needs and deliver accordingly!”

Make everyone happy
even the bottom line

LanguageWire WeAllEdit is an online tool designed for proofreading in InDesign files. In LanguageWire WeAllEdit, the editing is done directly in the text, as opposed to i.e. noting corrections on yellow notes in a PDF, which the graphic designer will then have to implement later. On average, the result halves the time spent on proofreading.
Proofreading process with Wealledit
Proofreading without Wealledit

What does it cost?

You can either choose to pay per uploaded page or by monthly subscription, which allows you to use LanguageWire WeAllEdit as much as you like. Curious? Start with a 14-day free trial.



Number of administrators Price per month (GBP)
1 150
2-3 300
4-7 450
8-15 600
16+ Contact us


Or price per page: £3,50

50 %
Of your time can be
saved by LanguageWire

Companies work internally with LanguageWire

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