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A complete web solution with connectors

A complete web solution with connectors

New connectors for Episerver and Sitecore make it easier to translate digital content into multiple languages. LanguageWire Connectors and APIs allow the user to send, receive and publish translations directly from the company’s own CMS system saving not only time, but also costs when customers want to communicate with a global audience.

The new LanguageWire Connectors to Episerver and Sitecore optimise the process of translating digital content. Episerver and Sitecore are the leading players in CMS and web services today, and with the connectors, customers will get a more complete web solution with an automated translation process for global web platforms.

An automatic link between a company’s Episerver or Sitecore CMS solution and LanguageWire’s translation platform provides quick access to over 5,000 specialised translators all over the world. As an example, translating a new website of 100 pages into five languages could save 10,000 minutes, which is 167 hours – or more than a month's work.

The connectors create an automatic link between a company’s Episerver or Sitecore platform and eliminate the need to copy and paste, send emails, worry about file formats, keep track of multiple text versions, which not only saves time, but also decreases the risk of errors. Essentially, content takes time to develop – but with the connectors, you can offer your customers a more automated and integrated solution, saving them time and money.


“The average time savings equals up to 20 minutes per page per language, according to research conducted by LanguageWire.”


The LanguageWire Episerver Connector provides an automatic link between a company’s Episerver CMS system and LanguageWire’s translation platform. This dramatically reduces the time spent on the translation of web content in Episerver, an innovative .NET platform, connecting digital business and marketing to help organizations create unique digital experiences for their customers.

Once the connector has established a link between the two systems, the customer is able to send content for translation directly from the Episerver CMS system and automatically receive them, when they're ready. All languages are automatically implemented in the various language versions, and the customer is free to publish them at any time.


As with Episerver, the LanguageWire Sitecore Connector makes it easy for the customer to translate single pages or full websites simultaneously. Once the first language is ready in the Sitecore system, it is easy to directly request to have other pages translated. The pages are translated and automatically made accessible, and the user can easily approve and publish texts directly in Sitecore’s CMS. The LanguageWire Sitecore Connector can also be used for other marketing automation functions in Sitecore, such as newsletters and social media activities.



For many years, LanguageWire has had a head start over competitors with its translation platform. Now the final part of the value chain between the customer's content system and LanguageWire has been digitised, making it even faster and easier for companies to reach out to global markets with locally adapted and targeted content.

The connectors are easy to install and come with a LanguageWire partner support program to ensure optimal integration with existing web services. For more information on the partner program see this.

More information on LanguageWire’s Episerver and Sitecore connectors can be found here.