Voiceover Localisation

Your voiceover content is transcribed, translated and recorded in new languages, helping you reach a wider audience. Our global network of language experts includes a wide range of talented voiceover artists ready to give your brand a voice in new languages.

Increase Efficiency

Voiceover is a great option if you really want it to connect with your audience. It goes further than Subtitling [link], which makes your content understood by a larger audience, but doesn’t help your communication stand out like a great voice can. It’s easy to localise your voiceover content, our global network of language experts is ready to take your online explainers, product videos, radio ads, corporate training videos or tutorials, and convert them into new languages.

The key is in selecting the right voice, and with LanguageWire you can choose from a wide range of voiceover artists. You’ll find the right talent for your brand; whether you’re looking for a British female voiceover artist for an e-learning project or a laid-back male voice with an American accent for your animated software explainer.

Step 1 – Transcription
All you need to do is send us your current voiceover content, which can be in a video or a piece of standalone audio material. We then have a language expert transcribe into a script, and, if necessary, a timecode reference is added.

Step 2 – Translation
Find the expert who is best suited to your content from our network of our 5,000 professional translators. Our translators take into account your style and tone requirements and, of course, are all native speakers.

Step 3 – Voiceover
Should the sound be young, fresh and informal? Or deep, serious and baritone? With the final scripts complete, the ideal voice is found by choosing from samples based on your requirements. Recordings are mastered according to your specifications and delivered in the format of your choice. If you only need a .flac audio file, that's exactly what you'll get. Or if you'd like the recording to be integrated with the images, that's exactly how we'll deliver it to you. It's completely up to you.

Step 4 – Quality control
If extra quality control is necessary and can’t be completed in-house, we can provide a voiceover director for the target language. This person acts as the spoken word equivalent of a proofreader and adds polish to the final product.

In short, our wealth of experience in voiceover solutions, combined with strong, strategic alliances in the relevant industries, make us your key partner for voiceover.


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