Engineering and Technical Solutions

Engineering and Technical Solutions

Let our in-house localisation engineers optimise your files so that your multilingual content is created in an optimal way. You’ll also benefit from better use of your Translation Memory, saving you time and speeding up the translation process.

About engineering and technical solutions

The world of learning and development (L&D) has undergone huge change in the past decade. Gone are the days where translating a PowerPoint file was enough to satisfy the needs of Human Resources departments.

Of course, our feet are still firmly anchored around the core e-learning software packages of Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, and others such as Mohive or Moodle. But, e-learning has moved on from a single-platform solution to a digital multi-platform, multimedia experience. e-Learning is no longer about compatibility with or expertise in a single package. Rather, it involves an ability to handle multiple software formats with ease, ensuring a quality deliverable no matter what the platform.

Our teams of expert video editors, flash engineers, subtitlers and voiceover artists are in tune with the latest trends and topics such as digital learning and microlearning. Combine these with our outstanding translators, and you have a centralised e-learning solution that will have your training content connecting with your entire team in no time.

Engineering and Technical Solutions

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