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You'll get competent and committed project management and save yourself any extra complications

Send us your text and we'll do the rest: file management, choice of translator, translation, proofreading, terminology management, layout and all the other steps that are part of your process.

So you're free of all the hassle, and it's easier for you to communicate in multiple languages and markets.

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Translation can be a bit of a fiddly business. Apart from sourcing the right translator, you also need to be able to handle the file format. Sometimes this can prove to be somewhat challenging, as can the layout. The translator might have some technical questions during the process, which require specific knowledge about the translation tool they are using. And maybe you're struggling with an internal and resource-consuming approval process to boot. We know all about that, because we're experts in the field. So let us help you, just like we help more than 2,000 other companies around the world.

The goal is to hit the bull's-eye
Every single time

The first time we work together, you'll automatically be allocated your own specific project manager. The project manager's role is not just to manage your jobs and pair you up with the right translator, but also to get to know you and your company so well that we hit the bull's-eye in terms of style, tone and terminology. Every single time.
As we take on more and more jobs for you, we gradually build up a dictionary – what we call the LanguageWire TermBase – and a translation memory. This is where we collect specific words and sentences from all your translations, making sure future translations consistently use your words and terms and enabling us to reuse previously translated texts. This ensures a consistently high quality, and a faster delivery.

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You never lose your overview

Even though we manage the entire process for you, it can still be nice to have a full overview of which jobs are in progress, who is working on them and when they'll be finished. You can do this and much more with your LanguageWire Agito account. 

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Noa Noa
Anne Marx
“LanguageWire receives numerous diverse orders from us. Regardless of how and when we order our translations, we are always assured of getting a high quality product back from LanguageWire – not just in terms of the actual translated text, but also regarding delivery, security and service.”

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