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Account Dashboard

Get an instant overview of key information for your company account, including project status, the number of words processed, your top five language experts, and savings from translation memory usage as well as volume discounts.


Real-time dashboard with and an instant view of spend, savings and project status.

Easy to use

Get an overview of key information for your company account in one place.

About the Account Dashboard

Data is great. Used properly, it can increase business performance by providing relevant insights. But people suffer from ‘information overload’, and it has become one of the main irritations of modern life.

That’s why we use dashboards to track key data. They distil data down into easy to process information and help keep everyone on the same page. With this in mind, we built the LanguageWire Account Dashboard. It helps you control the multilingual content creation process through transparency.


It's your dashboard, so why not customise it? You can set up your LanguageWire dashboard just how you like it. Keep things focused by only showing your current projects, prioritise messages or keep an eye on KPIs such as savings from your Translation Memory.

Customisable Dashboard

The mobile-friendly dashboard is your user-friendly portal to speaking more languages and reaching your global audience.

Project Overview

The Project Overview section lists your current and past projects. You’ll see if they are in a draft state, configuration, in progress or finished. What’s more, you can filter projects or add attributes to the project grid. Just click on the grid icon above the project list and adjust the project view to suit your needs.

In short

  • Get an instant overview of key information
  • Translation memory and volume savings
  • Current spend vs the previous year
  • Top language experts
  • Project status
  • The number of words processed
  • The Detailed Project Overview makes it easy to keep track of progress
Account Dashboard