Custom Workflows

Do you have a non-standard project? Create a Custom Workflow for your unique needs that you can order again and again. Custom Workflows let you build the right mix of services for your project and automate complex workflows.

Increase productivity

Automate processes and make better use of your time.

Take control

Create a workflow that is perfectly suited to your needs.

Creating multilingual content can be complex. The number of steps required to create content in multiple languages can seem impossible to manage. Especially when creating high-value content.

Luckily, we’ve have gathered a lot of knowledge from working with thousands of customers since 2000. We’ve used this experience to create Standard Workflows that follow best practices. One example is ‘translation + proofreading of translation’ (aka ‘full service’), which fully complies with ISO 17100 standards.

Custom Workflows

But sometimes your content requires a more complex, non-Standard Workflow. For example, you may want to have a proofreader and text editor check your copy before you validate (aka ‘approve’) their input and have it translated. The translations could also use an extra quality check as well. So you decide it’s a good idea to have them proofread by a professional then validated by your colleagues.

Talk to your project mananger

At LanguageWire, your project manager is at hand to help you build the ideal workflows for your unique needs. These are called ‘Custom Workflows’ and the possibilities of how you configure them are almost endless. Once created, they are always at hand to be ordered again and again, saving you time and hassle. Not only that, but complexity and the chance of missed deadlines falls dramatically. This is achieved by automating the entire process and managing it within LanguageWire.

Get in touch with the LanguageWire team today to talk about your specific content needs. We’ll gladly build the perfect solution to you.

In short

  • Creating multilingual content can be complex.
  • Standard Workflows aren’t always suitable.
  • Custom Workflows are created to match your unique needs.
  • They are the right mix of services for your more complex projects.
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