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Streamline translation
in Episerver

Translate your web content without the hassle with the LanguageWire Episerver Connector. All it takes is a few simple clicks to speak your customer's language.

Streamline website translation

Translating your website is a tricky and time-consuming process that torments website managers around the globe. Make life simpler and increase productivity by automating your localisation process with the LanguageWire Episerver Connector.

How much time would you save with a LanguageWire Connector?

  1. Number of web pages you need translated

  2. Number of target languages

  3. Average number of hours saved


Integrated Into Your Episerver CMS

Integrated into your Episerver CMS

The Episerver Connector gives you the ability to manage translations directly in your CMS. You’ll be able to send your content for translation directly from Episerver, in just a few simple clicks. The automated process frees up time so you can focus on strategic goals.

A familiar checkout process

Speaking your customer’s language has never been easier. Select the content you want translated, fill up the checkout basket, and proceed with the order  whenever it suits you. The streamlined process will increase productivity and help your brand publish more multilingual content.

Episerver Translation Checkout Process

No More Copy paste In Episerver

No more copy-paste, just preview and publish

When your translation is finished, it’s automatically sent to your Episerver CMS and is placed in the pre-defined language version. You’ll now be able to see a  preview of the text and approve it before you publish.

Centralise translation and keep an overview

Stay on top of diverse translation projects from within your Episerver CMS or simply log into LanguageWire. There’s no need to keep track of hundreds of emails, which also gives you the benefit of added security via HTTPS-encrypted data transfer.

Centralise Translation Episerver

Find out how it works

Get in-depth information on how the LanguageWire Episerver Connector can benefit your brand by downloading the brochure below.

The most efficient way to translate your content


No more annoying copy-paste errors.


Intuitive interface for quick translation ordering.


Increase productivity and reduce costs.


Integrated translations shorten your time-to-market.


Access a network of over 5000 language experts.


A direct link between your Episerver CMS and LanguageWire.


Order from the familiar Episerver user interface.


HTTPS-encrypted data transfer for extra security.


Centralise translation and keep an overview

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