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We give you the power to connect with more customers by speaking their language. Create better local content with your own team of language experts in the LanguageWire collaboration platform.



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Language Collaboration

Collaboration platform

Centralise, streamline and optimise how your business manages the creation of multi-lingual content. Our cloud-based collaborative technology gives you control, speed and savings.

Our platform
Content Integration

Integration solutions

Ready for a fully integrated translation solution in your own CMS? Achieve unparalleled speed and reliability through integration and automation.

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Innovative Platform

Your gateway to the world's best translators, copywriters and desktop publishers.


Increase efficiency

Save time and money by executing more efficiently.
Customise work-flows, automate and accelerate using a Term Base and Translation Memory.


Improve performance

Build a team that understands your brand.
Improve quality and consistency by collaborating and engaging with the best language specialists.


Gain transparency

Keep an overview of your projects in a cloud-based platform using real-time dashboards that give you the information you want when you need it.

LanguageWire Agito Platform

 175 languages 
 more than 5,000 

Ensure your quality standards are met every time by working with the best translators, editors, proofreaders and graphic engineers in the industry. We value our strong network of language experts, and they value us: our supplier satisfaction score was 96.6% in 2015; resulting in exceptional engagement and a better performance.

Integration Model


Our integration solutions are built to create a fully streamlined and integrated translation experience. Embedded in your own CMS environment, a LanguageWire Connector automates complex work-flows, providing greater efficiency and reducing errors.

Different from a traditional translation company

Globalisation Services

Benefit from a fully digital and transparent solution

We help you streamline and optimise your translation processes, giving you maximum quality, reliability and speed. Everything we do will be shown on your online dashboard so you have an overview of progress, costs and savings.

Global Content Team

Build your own team of highly motivated language experts

Collaboration, engagement and transparency are key to ensuring high quality results, consistency and reliability. With LanguageWire, you can choose between more than 5,000 of the best language experts from all over the world and build your own dedicated language teams.

Translation Integration Solutions

Reap the benefits of integration and automation

As your business complexity increases, we provide simplicity with our integration solutions. Our tailor-made connectors give you a robust and native translation experience in your CMS environment, eliminating manual copy-paste work, reducing errors and saving time.

A cloud-based platform with enterprise level security

Utilising the LanguageWire cloud-based infrastructure, our collaboration platform is browser-based. This simplifies implementation, eliminates maintenance and lowers your costs. Giving you peace of mind, multiple user roles are available and we make enterprise level security a priority.

Globalisation Services

We deliver quality – every time!

More than 2,000 leading brands from all over the world put their faith in LanguageWire. They benefit from easy access to specialist providers of translation, proofreading, desktop publishing, voice-over and more. Our dedicated team of project managers and IT specialists make sure that deadlines are met and exceptional quality is delivered every time.

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Ready to help

Our experienced and trusted team is your partner for managing the complexities of translation processes.

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We understand your industry and speak your language. Our goal is to give you a professional linguistic product that matches your company as well as your specialised area of work. In any language and in an optimal way.


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