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LanguageWire acquires WhP International: Strengthening offerings for technical documentation

Languagewire acquires WhP International

Copenhagen, Denmark – 26 April 2024: LanguageWire, the Danish tech-led language service provider (LSP), proudly announces its acquisition of WhP International, an active member of the global technical publications community, offering invaluable localisation services to enterprises worldwide across various industries.

The acquisition of WhP International by LanguageWire marks a significant milestone in LanguageWire’s mission to become a global leader in language services. By integrating WhP International’s expertise and innovative DITA technology, LanguageWire aims to enhance its service offerings and provide clients with advanced solutions for technical publication.

CEO of LanguageWire, Søren Bech Justesen, is enthusiastic about the acquisition, stating, “We are excited to welcome WhP International to the LanguageWire family. The integration of WhP International’s DITA capabilities aligns seamlessly with LanguageWire’s commitment to leveraging technology to enhance customer experiences and streamline multilingual content production processes.” By joining forces, LanguageWire along with WhP International aim to deliver unparalleled value to clients and solidify their position as leaders in the industry. Dominique Trouche, CEO of WhP international excitedly shares that “At WhP, we are thrilled to join a large group, sharing the same culture with more powerful technology, a larger presence and additional services that will allow our Project Managers and Consultants to deliver increased value to our global customers”.


The acquisition of WhP International expands LanguageWire's global reach and reinforces its position as a leading European LSP. “This acquisition not only strengthens our presence in France, but also positions us for further growth in North America. We look forward to combining our strengths to better serve our clients and drive innovation in the language services industry." CEO of LanguageWire, Søren Bech Justesen has to say regarding their growth. With combined expertise and resources, the companies are poised to offer clients enhanced solutions, increased capacity, and unmatched service quality.

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CEO, Søren Bech Justesen

T: +45 2911 0025


About LanguageWire

Founded in 2000, LanguageWire offers a language management ecosystem enabling enterprises to engage and communicate with any audience across the globe through bespoke AI technology and human expertise. Pursuing its vision of making global communications smarter and more efficient, LanguageWire adapts solutions to customer needs, automates workflows, and delivers multilingual content services within a secure infrastructure.

About WhP International

WhP, a French LSP, was founded in 1994 and has a strong track record of delivering high quality language services over the years. With a focus on technical documentation, through DITA, they have a strong foothold in the IT & Telecom industry, healthcare and within Industrial equipment.

About DITA

DITA, Darwin Information Typing Architecture, is an XML based content architecture standard used by most global corporations for their technical documentation in software, healthcare, automotive, automation and manufacturing industries.

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