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We help companies around the world reach their full global potential. Globally ambitious brands use LanguageWire to create high-quality multilingual content. It’s all thanks to our innovative technology and great team of people.

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320+ employees

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7,000+ language experts

Join our team and help businesses create content to reach the world.

It's all about the journey

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Henrik Lottrup starts LanguageWire in Copenhagen with a vision to use technology to make translation easy.

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LanguageWire launches a technology-driven language platform that makes content creation simple.

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After breaking into the top 50 in 2012, LanguageWire becomes a top 40 language service provider.

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LanguageWire releases innovative connectors that simplify and automate website translation.

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LanguageWire aims even higher with a partnership with private-equity firm Catacap.

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LanguageWire focuses on simplifying content creation worldwide by acquiring FrontLab and Xplanation.

Experienced leaders with the skills and smarts to help steer a global company.

LanguageWire around the world

With a wide geographic presence, we focus on having local advisors who can guide you through the entire content creation process.

We want to make a difference. For our people, customers and surroundings.

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