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SDL Trados Studio plugin by LanguageWire

We are dedicated to finding smarter ways to help you work more efficiently. Which is why we have rolled out a two-pronged feature update in order to improve the interoperability of our Smart Editor and SDL Trados Studio, and better support your ability to work in the ways that matter to you. This update is comprised of an enhanced XLIFF format (LXLIFF) and an optional—but highly recommended—SDL Trados Studio plugin.

Illustration of a plug

Introducing LXLIFF

Our new LXLIFF format provides the following information and features with the SDL Trados Studio Packages generated in Smart Editor:

  • Segment status – (whether a segment translation has been completed or is still in draft) *
  • Segment character limitations
  • Segment comments
  • Segment baseline information – (basic info about translation origin: whether it came from a human, MT, or TM; and if the latter, the match percentage)
  • Segment meta data indicating whether tag-reorder is allowed **
  • Text formatting is shown as WYSIWYG – Bold /Italic Underline **

* Importing segment statuses in Smart Editor will NOT be supported at launch, with all segments showing as “Approved” instead. The next update to Smart Editor will include full two-way status synchronization. With this release, statuses will remain available in LXLIFF and visible in SDL Trados Studio.

** For further details, see below about the SDL Trados Studio plugin.

The LanguageWire plugin for SDL Trados Studio

To further improve your translation experience, we have developed our very own plugin for SDL Trados Studio. Installing the plugin is NOT a prerequisite for working with us, but we highly recommend doing so.

With the plugin installed, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • All of the aforementioned meta information will be delivered to the SDL Trados Studio editor where it provides the most value
  • WYSIWYG text formatting – bold / italic / underline can be freely applied
  • Easily validate and comply with segment length restrictions
  • Easily validate tag order after re-ordering

Note that these new features will only be available for packages and LXLIFF files exported AFTER this latest update. Previously exported packages and XLIFF files will not include the necessary meta information.

SDL Trados Studio plugin installation

Download the plugin here.

See Change Log here.


The plugin is compatible with all versions of SDL Trados Studio from 2017 and onwards.

The installation process is very straight-forward.

  1. Download the .sdlplugin file from here.
  2. Double-click the file and follow the installation wizard.
  3. Click Next:
    1st plugin installation screen

  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions:

    Licence agreement plugin installation screen

  5. Select version and installation folder:

    Plugin installation screen: select plugin version

    If you have multiple versions of SDL Trados Studio installed, select the one you would like to use with the plugin.
    The default installation folder (All your domain machines) will work in most scenarios and allows roaming profiles.

  6. Click OK to finish the installation process:

    Plugin installation finished screen

  7. The plugin is now visible in the plugin management interface:

    Screenshot of the plugin management interface


Change Log

Version Release date Changes 2 February 2021 First release 5 March 2021
  • Added support for handling of files with no translatable content.
  • Added auto approve feature for Track Changes during target file creation.

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