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Our leadership perspective

We believe that leadership is first and foremost about creating followership and releasing people’s potential.

At LanguageWire we don’t have managers – we have leaders.

Leaders that care about team members’ engagement and development. Our leaders know that superior results are created collaboratively and they aim to be role models for ways of working, behaving, and in uniting the company. They focus on creating winning teams that challenge the status quo by being forward-thinking, ambitious and having a growth mindset.

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The most inspiring thing about being a leader at LanguageWire comes from creating a collaborative environment where everyone can contribute to our success. Our investment in employee engagement is the driving force of success for both the people at LanguageWire and our many loyal customers.

Søren Bech Justesen
Chief Executive Officer


Søren Bech Justesen

Chief Executive Officer

Caring about our employees is in our DNA

I lead in order to create an environment–full of capable teams and exciting challenges–where people can realise their growth potential, gain energy from, and pride in what they do.

I am most proud of our investment in and dedication to employee engagement. Our ability to engage with and listen to our employees is the key driver of our success.

Being a leader is most fun when we succeed together as a team. Engaging and collaborating on a challenge together makes the sense of accomplishment that comes with success even better.

Roeland Hofkens

Chief Product & Technology Officer

As a leader, I am inspired by the fact that we can continue to push the boundaries forward and make positive change. There is always a new and exciting challenge which we can solve through creativity, dedication and ownership.

Stimulating innovation starts with a growth mindset, being curious and incorporating continuous learning as a core part of your daily life. When we share our learnings, ideas, and inspiration—as a team—we can capture a collective vision and turn it into something exciting.

I am fortunate enough to work with what I am passionate about. Technology plays an important role in my life, and my belief that we can use it to make a positive impact on society is what drives me.

Mikkel Lundø

Chief Commercial Officer

I am most excited about growing with our inspiring customers, talented people, and sophisticated technology. Our customers’ challenges and successes bring out the best in us and stimulate innovation.

I value trust, transparency, and risk-taking. Leaning into uncertainty as a team is fun and allows us to be more open, approachable, supportive, and trusting of one another as we work together to achieve our goals.

I enjoy leadership for the series of transformative journeys it takes you on. Setting an aspirational direction and getting buy-in through communication is a challenging and rewarding exercise that helps us grow as a team.

Signe Winther Poulsen

Chief Operations Officer

As a leader, I am hugely inspired by the team that surrounds me and all of the people with different specializations and deep knowledge. We are united around trying to do right by the customers and working to grow & improve every day. I bring a "how can I help" mindset where I care about my team and support them in finding the best solutions.

I value trust, engagement, and empowerment - and the aspiration to learn more. I truly believe that when we collaborate as people, real people with personalities and characters as well as skills and competencies we are able to find more creative solutions. Work works when we respectfully and ambitiously insist on collaborating.

To create a groundbreaking solution, you need the right combination of people who know their business, those who can bring in the new, as well as a decisive conductor – and a trusting space where ideas and solutions can live.

Klaus Skovrup

Chief Financial Officer

I am passionate about learning and experiencing new things. Being open to new ideas is something I strongly believe makes us better both personally and professionally.

What I enjoy most about LanguageWire is our ability to come together from so many backgrounds and places while making international collaboration feel effortless.

Leadership success is about bringing out the best in people while also keeping your eye on the ball and taking ownership. Through learning and sharing as a team, we can all improve our preparedness to react to and solve complex issues.

Our Leaders

Get to know what inspires our leaders

Anja Damgaard Holm
Head of Marketing and Partners
Leadership is fun when we overcome challenges as a team and I see people being truly motivated by what they do.​
Kristoffer Chamat Hedemand​
Senior Director of Accounting & Tax​
Leadership is fun when my team executes on goals and really enjoy doing so! ​
Elliotte Jacobs
VP of Global Business Development​
Leadership is fun when I’m sharing successes with my team. ​
Christian Holm Jørring
Senior Director of Strategy & M&A
Leadership is about creating impact through role modelling the change you want to see.
Joanna Zeeberg Jensen​
Senior Director of Customer Onboarding​
Leadership is about inspiring, motivating and building a solid foundation for growth.​
Christian Terwiel​
VP of Customer Success, DACH & Nordics
My leadership focus is on empowering others to achieve great things and creating a safe environment in which we all can learn from our failures and be better. ​
Katelyne Borremans
VP of Customer Success, BEFR​ & UK
Leadership is about leading the way and building an environment that will motivate, inspire and encourage my team ​
Frederik Wagner​
VP of Vendor Relations & Quality Excellence​
My leadership focus is to grow an engaging culture where colleagues have the ability to achieve and develop while having fun.​
Jannis Ohrt​
Senior Director of Commercial Excellence ​
My leadership focus is to create a team environment that enables professional and personal growth.​

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