Global Content Makers

Every brand creates content. But creating content for a global audience is complex. Meet some of the brands that have risen to the challenge to create great global content.

Thanks to today’s technology, every brand can go global.

To grow your business, you need to create content that resonates with your target markets. Creating content in multiple languages can be a frustrating and challenging experience. So LanguageWire went out and asked some of our customers about how they create content and have overcome complexity. You’ll find their stories below in our #GlobalContentMakers series.

“The collaboration with our project managers and key account manager is really, really awesome”

Michael Sohn, Team Leader Digital Content
Native Instruments

“It’s easier now, it’s quicker and it’s more correct”

Åse Afvander, Marketing Manager

“It has been easy for us to concentrate on creating valuable content”

Malene Rolsted, Marketing Consultant

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