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Communication is an artform too

It requires a creative and talented wordsmith to successfully convey art and culture.
Otherwise, the vivid descriptions, colourful words and spectacular imagery will quickly lose their lustre.

It's about telling stories
Both online and offline

When we translate your web content, brochures and posters, we taste the words before we write them. 
If a text is to have the desired effect, it isn't always enough just to translate it. It needs to be communicated in a new way. In a new language. 

And that's exactly what we can do. So fast you might not believe your eyes. In more than 175 languages.

We communicate
more than just words

Creative texts are concerned with far more than mere words. They're concerned with conveying stories and messages. Therefore, when you send a poster, flyer or website text to us, you'll never get just a translation back. You'll get a new text in a new language that works perfectly in a new cultural context.

We speed up the show

Most translation agencies know something about words. But we also know a whole lot about processes and how to optimise them.

Which saves you time. Lots of it!
In fact, so much so that you'll be able to see the impact on the bottom line. 

That's why we can translate your texts in a qualified, quick and accurate way.

Meet some of our translators

Interest and insight

A good translation requires a specialist in the subject. From among our 5,000 translators, we always select the profile with the most relevant insight and interest in your text - whether it's about impressionist art, opera, history, Scandinavian crime novels or wines from Ribera del Duero.

Tell, tell, tell, tell

When you send us a text for translation, remember to tell us what the objective of the text is, who the target group is and on which markets it will be used. The better brief you give us, the better chance we have of providing you with a result that is spot on. At the first attempt.

Now, now, now!

Do you have any material that needs translating, proofreading or editing now? 

Then send it our way ... we're already waiting to help you.


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Anne Marx
“LanguageWire receives numerous diverse orders from us. Regardless of how and when we order our translations, we are always assured of getting a high quality product back from LanguageWire – not just in terms of the actual translated text, but also regarding delivery, security and service.”