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Banking & finance

Global content solutions for banking and finance

LanguageWire connects you with language experts who have a deep understanding of your industry – including retail banking, wealth management, asset management, investment banking and the insurance sector.

Frequent requests in the banking and finance industry:

  • Translating annual reports into multiple languages, ensuring that each version is accurate and reflects the distinctive corporate style and preferred terminology.
  • Copywriting and proofreading of financial documents, such as quarterly or annual reports, to help boost content globally.
  • Content creation by language experts who are fluent in finance and can skilfully handle a diverse range of technical content.

We speak your language

We know how important it is to deliver precise, high-quality documentation. It needs to meet the standards of your clients, investors, financial regulators and other stakeholders. 

You need the right team of language experts. When you work with LanguageWire, you will have a skilled team of hand-picked language experts with the expertise and industry know-how your business requires. Your team of language experts understands the language of banking and finance as well as your own terminology.

We handle a wide range of banking and financial services texts, including:

  • Annual, half-year and quarterly reports
  • Press releases on a range of topics, including earnings announcements, strategy updates, key hires and product launches
  • Key Investor Information Document (KIIDs)
  • Prospectuses
  • Packaged retail investment and insurance products (PRIIPs)
  • Account information
  • Performance reports and newsletters
  • Factsheets and company profiles 
  • Corporate responsibility reports
  • HR documentation
  • Contracts or terms and conditions
  • Shareholder notifications
  • Blog content, such as industry news and thought leadership 

Solutions tailored to your individual needs:

  • Flexible and reliable content services in more than 150 languages for all types of projects – from routine client information and financial reports to product documentation and AGM invitations.
  • Creative Translation services, where your message is adapted to the local audience, culture and preferences.
  • Smart web-based terminology tools to ensure the consistent use of your preferred terminology.
  • Integrated validation process, allowing your local offices to approve translations in context.
  • A fully integrated workflow with 100% tracking so you can monitor how your translation project is advancing – ensuring you are always in control.
  • Business dashboards that display all projects, costs and quality metrics in real time.
  • International SEO at your fingertips – our pool of specialised SEO translators will localise and optimise your content to help you achieve a good search engine ranking in your target market.


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