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We build texts word by word
with unique solutions

We lay the linguistic foundations for construction and engineering projects.
When a construction project is underway, the translations are just another brick in the wall.
But if they're not done fast enough or well enough, they can end up putting a serious spanner in the works.
That's why we're ready to react and advise as you send a document to us.

Industry-specialist translators

Regardless of whether you need tender material, technical construction documents or a building site machine manual to be translated, we have the expertise and knowledge that it takes to give you a high quality product on time. With us you can be sure your texts will always end up with translators who have extensive expertise and experience translating within the construction and engineering industry. And we specifically hand-pick them for every single job.

When your machinery needs to step up the pace

Most translation agencies know something about words. But we also know a whole lot about processes and how to optimise them. Which saves you time. Lots of it! In fact, so much so that you'll be able to see the impact on the bottom line. 

That's why we can translate your texts quickly, accurately, and with proven quality.

Ready to work with translation in a new way?

The goal is to hit the bull's-eye
Every single time

The first time we work together, you'll automatically be allocated your own specific project manager. The project manager's role is not just to manage your jobs and pair you up with the right translator, but also to get to know you and your company so well that we hit the bull's-eye in terms of style, tone and terminology. Every single time.
When you send us a text for translation, remember to tell us what the objective of the text is, who the target group is and on which markets it will be used. The better brief you give us, the better chance we have of providing you with a result that is spot on. At the first attempt.

A good brief
is a strong foundation

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Jobs within the construction & engineering industries every year

150+ M
Words translated
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Business customers

Now, now, now!

Do you have any material that needs translating, proofreading or editing now? 
Then send it our way ... we're already waiting to help you.

We make a difference

David Ivarsson
"Requirements for our Nordic translation partner include a company that can deliver high quality within tight time frames, at a competitive price and with a flexible, technical platform that allows us a good overview of the status of our projects and jobs. LanguageWire has provided us with all this, in addition to a solid understanding of our business and requirements."