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Utilities & energy

Energy requires powerful solutions

Wind, oil, coal or gas ... We'll boost your translations with a burst of new energy.
Everything relies on energy. Even translators. At least they do if the processes are to run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine;  if the words are to burn through and the translations are to be delivered at lightspeed. Fortunately, we and our 5,000+ translators are bursting with energy. We're specialists within the areas of wind power, coal, oil and gas.

We know what we're writing about – and that includes the energy sector too. It's quite simply a necessity if we are to deliver the high quality that we are known for. And if we are to do so in over 175 languages. Otherwise the results might end up just as incomprehensible as the machine-translated user manuals that most of us know only too well. That's why we make sure your texts are always translated by translators who are specialists within your particular energy sector - and we handpick them every single time for each specific job.

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