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Food production

There's a difference in how words taste

It's about stimulating the customers' tastes both online and offline.
When we translate your web content, packaging, posters and other in-store materials, we taste the words before we write them. If a text is to have the desired effect, it isn't always enough just to translate it. It needs to be communicated in a new way. In a new language. And that's exactly what we can do. So fast that you might not believe your eyes. In more than 175 languages.  Try chewing on that for a while ...

Food shouldn't just taste good. It should also sound good in writing. And this requires knowledge of what makes products sell, what E numbers are called in Russian, and what makes customers react when they're standing on the shop floor. When we translate your texts, we always make sure that they end up in the hands of a translator who specialises in the area of food production. This creates results that taste good and make you hungry for more.


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