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Based on technology carried by people

Why not do it in an easy, smart, fast and secure way?
Technology can be many things. E-learning? Robot techology? Operating systems? Apps? No matter what particular area of technology you're working in, we have a translator who knows almost as much as you do. You see, we have access to 5,000+ translators, working in over 175 languages. And regardless of which process you work with, we can help you optimise it, so your work with global communication is easier, smarter, faster and more secure.

When an app, an operating system or an e-learning course has to be translated from one language to another, it's important that the translator feels completely confident in the subject. This applies both to the hardcore technical texts as well as the accompanying marketing material. It's also crucial that the translator uses his or her head and keeps the focus on the "user" throughout the translation. After all, it's the user who'll be experiencing the quality of the translation. That's why we always select a specialist translator with plenty of experience in the text's particular area of expertise.


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